YD-3452 is a yellow dwarf star that is nearing the end of its main sequence life, it is 9.7 billion years old, orbiting around it are 3 rocky planets and 1 gas giant planet. It will become a red giant in a few hundred million years, engulfing and destroying 2 of it's planets that are both within 100 million miles from the star.

YD-3452's dataEdit

Age 9.7 billion years
Type N/A
Diameter 4,532,600 miles
Mass 1.00 times the mass of the sun
Surface Temperature 11,000° F
Spectral Type G2
Orbital Inclination N/A
Core Temperature 22,543,700° F
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy 16,543 light years
Orbital Period 176,000,000 years
Surface Gravity 28.02 that of Earth