The Great Ice Age of 13,000
Date Of Ice Age: 13,000 A.D.
Duration Of Ice Age: 653,000 years
Fatalities (Human Population): 7,345,432,456
Percent Of Species Extinct: 47%
Areas affected: The whole world

By the year 13,000 A.D. the world underwent another global ice age that last hundreds of thousands of years.  Humans had to adapt quickly to it or face extinction, so with the other species. The Ice Age at one point plummeted average temperatures across the world to -65° F. By the end of the ice age 47% of all the species on Earth became extinct, and 78% of all human civilization perished. During the peak of the Ice Age, Earth looked like a giant snowball, the oceans were covered in ice 35 feet deep, the continents were buried under a mile of glacier ice, the remnants of Human Civilziation slowly recovered after the Ice Age in the year, 668,000 A.D., however they started back with only 2.2 billion people. As for the other species those who survived were forever changed by evolution. The warm period after the Ice Age lasted only 11,000 years before yet another Ice Age occurred. 

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