The 2018 West Coast Tsunami
Date Of Tsunami: July 14, 2018
Total Damages: $6.4 billion
Total Fatalities ≥1300
Duration Of Tsunami: 9 hours
Height Of The Tsunami Waves: 10 - 72 feet
Areas Affected: The West Coast of the US

On July 13 a magnitude 8.3 earthquake occurred near Hawaii, this triggered a tsunami by altering the ocean seafloor and moving a large body of water. This triggered a tsunami alert for the West Coast of the US. By July 14, 8:45 a.m. it had hit the West Coast and lasted 9 hours with waves starting off at 10 feet and ending at 72 feet. A lot of people got swept out to sea, homes in the coast line were obliterated. Life in the west coast shores slowly returned back to normal.